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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Coupling baffle and Burst Test

Yesterday a new aluminium coupling nut was made that incorporates a baffle to direct the air sideways onto the walls of the bottle. This should help eliminate the blow-through seen in the static fire tests. This will be tested this week to see what effect it has on performance. The holes are 6mm in diameter, with a total of 4.

We also performed some pressure tests on a reinforced bottle based on the reinforcing technique described by Richard Wayman here:

We didn't quite get up to the burst pressure of the 1.25L bottle, because we had an issue with the hose failing to hold onto the rocket. We went up to 220psi, before it flew off the test stand. We are making a new attachment that will prevent the bottle from flying off. But all the signs were encouraging for a significant improvement in strength.

We ended up using hot water instead of the heat gun to shrink the outer bottle which worked quite well and pretty evenly.

We also finally have a new proper domain name:


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