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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parachute Cam and Polaron G1

This weekend we a had a really good launch day. The weather was perfect and the rockets behaved themselves. During some unrelated test flights we took the opportunity to mount one of the tiny MD-80 cameras in the center of the parachute looking down.

Although quite a bit shaky, the video did give us a different perspective on the rocket in flight. The full launch report including photos and a highlights video is available here:

The update also includes the test flights of the fiberglass Polaron G1 rocket. On the second flight we flew it at 230psi to 751' (229m) which was our highest (by 5 meters) single stage flight.



Unknown said...

Hi Georg,

I´cant watch your new video, due to the music you use.
Is it possible to load another version of the video??


George Katz said...

Hi Sebastian,

Will Germany block the video if hosted on

- George

Unknown said...

I don´t think so.
I only know that the german YouTubeSite blocks your video.


George Katz said...


I've posted the video to here:

Unknown said...


Thank you