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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Polaron G2 - First flight

We launched the G2 rocket for the first time today, but the flight didn't quite go according to plan. As a result the rocket could now almost fit in your car's glove compartment. There were a couple of small issues that will need fixing, but overall not too bad. On the way home from the launch site we figured out what we need to do, and will start on the repairs today. We are hoping to have it ready again for the next NSWRA launch.

I will post the usual flight day report in the coming days. Though the rocket was ....well let's not beat about the bush.... destroyed, we did learn a lot from the attempt, and though disappointing, as always this is just another step in the development process.We have altimeter & acceleration data as well as on-board video so that will gives us more information about what to expect on the next flight.

... right time to head back to the workshop.....


Mayo said...

It's a shame, I hope that you have better luck next time.

A greeting from Spain.

cyril.nourry2 said...

injury that happened?


dommage, que s'est il passé ?

gabriel-cascaes said...

It's really a pity that your post n° 100 on the site be a tragedy like this. I was really anxious to see this "monster" rocket flying, but, thats experience anyway, and for sure you will be able to do one better from this one.

George Katz said...

It would have been good to have a nice flight for flight log 100 but we always expect things to go wrong with a new rocket like this.

It took a few explosions and crashes of the Acceleron V booster before it started flying well.

We always look at crashes like this carefully to see what can be improved. Overall though there were quite a few positives that came out of the flight. We did capture data from the flight which will be very useful for the upcoming flights.

There are no instruction manuals for big and high pressure rockets, so we take our best guess and see what works and what doesn't.

Doug said...

Hey George,

Sorry to hear about the bad news would have been epic to see it work flawlessly

Regards Doug

Federico Abrile said...

keep going! you'll success next time. good luck!

From argentina

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will be able to solve all the problems occurred. Good luck in the next launches.

Greetings from Brazil,