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Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Polaron G2 flights

After a short break from building water rockets to catch up on a number of other projects, we decided to take the Polaron G2 for an airing again. The launch conditions were great today with blue skies and virtually no wind. The rocket configuration was identical to the previous flight. We launched the rocket twice, once at 230psi and once at 240psi. The rocket performed really well with good deploys just past apogee and both the primary and backup parachutes opening right on cue on both flights. 

Turning on electronics prior to pressurising.
Paul at the ready to arm and launch the rocket.

We'll do a full write up with more photos and video on our main website in the next few days.

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Unknown said...

Hey George,

It sounds like you had a great day :) and im glad yoou got the higher pressures you had hoped for. I'll look forward to seeing the photos and footage.

Regards Doug