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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Shadow - Launcher video

With Christmas celebrations mostly over, dad and I put together a short video today that describes how the Shadow's launcher works and how the rocket is loaded onto the launcher. I've added the video to the latest Shadow update here:

Other than that there really hasn't been much happening with all the lead up to the holidays. I've added a few links to Facebook and Google+ from our main website. These will be updated regularly with latest developments as well so if you prefer to receive updates that way or just want to chat about rockets then those should make it easier.

Here is The Shadow with a fresh coat of paint:


Vicente Garcia M Junior said...

It was really impressive, congratulations to the team. The launch will be a real Christmas present for the water rocket enthusiastically.

Big hug.

Rodrigo said...

Amazing rocket!
Great job!

Steve said...

My goodness, that's a big one George! Well, I guess you could say it will go at least 4 metres in altitude! Have a safe new year and we all look forward to 2012 with great anticipation. Can you get fined for putting a dent in the moon's surface???

George Katz said...

Thanks for the nice words and support guys. We too are keen to launch this rocket, but because there are a lot of firsts for us with the rocket and launcher, we expect there are going to be some issues initially.

@Steve - That would be one fine I'd be happy to pay :)

Anonymous said...

Looking Good George.

Do you expect it to bend much when lanunching.. Like an arrow leaving a bow?

Charlie H

George Katz said...

Hi Charlie,

That is a very good question, and it's one of the biggest unknowns. We'll know as soon as we launch it though. :) The FTC rockets we built were very flexible, and also the length to width ratio was high. These bent really badly.

This tube is a lot stiffer, and the ratio is lower so that also helps. But at these accelerations anything goes. I want to make sure that the payload is axially balanced on the rocket so that it isn't heavier on one side. This should also help with the tendency to bend.

Unknown said...

Hey George,
Finished and painted the Shadow looks like a serious bit of kit!!! I most definitely will be looking out for results once launched :)

Regards Doug

Anonymous said...

Hey George,

it´s look like you would fly to moon! :)
Maybe the NASA calls you some year to help them! XD

Hahaha. But the rocket looks very nice! Maybe you can upload a video on youtube.

best regarts from Germany

Michael Kelley said...

we here in the states,are moist with anticipation!
ive been watching this since you started,and have been living vicariously through this website,checking more than my email!
Wyl-E-coyote,super genious

Vicente Garcia M Junior said...

Dear friend George, I am particularly looking forward to the launch of the very shadow. There is already a date?


George Katz said...

Thanks Michael,

We are currently targeting the 28th of January for first launch attempt if the weather is good. We are just finishing up a couple of things on the rocket, but that should be done in the next two days.