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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Polaron G2 flight

We had a very good flight weekend this week. We took the full length Polaron G2 for another flight. The flight went really well, as did a number of other smaller launches. It's always good to come away from a launch without needing to do any repairs. I'm putting together an update from this weekend and should have that ready towards the later part of the week. I've also posted an update from previous weekend's launch here: though it was mostly just a casual launch day.

Here is a picture of the boys recovering the G2 rocket from the tall grass:


Unknown said...

Hey George,

Fantastic footage and write-up as always :)

I'm a bit stuck on the rocket front these days with a new job and now a hosepipe ban, but i'm trying to find some time to pick it back up and get on with it all again :)

Regards Doug

George Katz said...

Thanks Doug, and good to hear from you. :) I know what you mean about needing to find the time when there are so many other distractions.

Hope you are having fun in your new job. What is a hosepipe ban?


- George

Sam lane said...

I'm on a hose pipe ban as well, basically it's where you are in a drought situation and can't use a hosepipe, as rockets class as wasting(not in my mind!) water, you can't launch them. I'm in england ,we are surrounded by water, hmmmmmmm!!!??

George Katz said...

Ahh Thanks Sam, I didn't realise there were water restrictions in England. We've had exactly the opposite here in Oz. Really wet summer with dams overflowing. Still I imagine you could use almost anything as fuel for water rockets. Bottled water, grey water, salt water etc. :)

STC Technologies said...

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Jordan said...

May you tell me how you build your rounded nosecone for your Polaron G2?

George Katz said...

Hi Jordan,here are the G2 nosecone details:

Just scroll down the page.