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Monday, May 11, 2009

Building continues

We have been continuing with the development of the booster. Here we test assembled some of the components to check for clearances and get an overall idea of how it will go together. The nice thing is that it just fits inside the house. (one inch from the ceiling)

One thing that was very evident is how high the top payload is, and we are going to have to move the flight computer down, or at least extend the Arm button down where it can be reached.

Pictured along with the rocket is a standard sized kid. Simulation says that the booster alone would lob him about 4 meters into the air. :)



Anonymous said...

Very nice! But why do you want to move down the FC instead of moving the release mechanism down?-->That will cause that the second stage is longer guided or is that not possible?

George Katz said...

We want to keep as much weight near the top of the rocket as possible to help in overall stability.

With the sustainer now much lower, and with close to 2Kg of water in the bottom of the sustainer, rocket stability is a concern.

The old booster had all the sustainer water at the top so stability wasn't too much of an issue. 100grams worth of chute, deployment mechanism, battery, camera etc. at the top of the rocket is significant in terms of the balance of the overall rocket.

This is also the reason the entire staging mechanism is raised so much further above the base plate.

Sascha Grant said...

WOW! That's huge!! Can't wait see the video of that beast go up!!

Daniel Veira said...

Hi George

Your rocket is awesome! It is gigantic. How much altitude can fly?
It is a 2-stage water rocket?

This and the next week I will be studying for the examinations so I dont got a lot of time.

In the weekend I will put a parachute in my Z-1 water rocket and I probaly will launch it again.

My telescope is a Meade Ligthbridge 12".
I maybe will do lunar photos with a webcam but I cant do astrophotography because it is a manual telescope and I need a computerize telescope for do that.

Good like with your rockets

George Katz said...

Hi Daniel,

Yes it is a 2 stage rocket.
We are yet to run final simulations on predicted altitude, because we don't know the final weight yet. We are hoping that it will get over the 200m mark.