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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Splicing, splicing and more splicing

With the recent flights out of the way, we are now solely concentrating on getting Acceleron V back in the air. The first thing we need to do is make up more of the new spliced pairs we have been testing. Over the last 3 months we have been slowly collecting bottles from friends and family, so now we have some 70 odd bottles ready to splice.

We will be making up a stock pile of spliced pairs, not just for Acceleron V but for other rockets. We are also going to have a go with the 1.25 bottles at making spliced-quads. 4 bottles spliced together with a neck at either end. This will give us ~4L in a 90mm diameter body. We'll still be able to join them using Tornado couplings, but they should give us a little more performance. If they go well in tests we may use them on Acceleron V's sustainer.



Unknown said...

Gday George
70 bottles thats alot of work ahead for you. How do you solve the problem of storeage, currently my garage is full of empty bottle waiting to be turned into rockets. It can be a pain, specially if you knock them and then they go everywhere like tenpins.

Anyway i finally was able to launched a few rockets, it was great, time to start putting parachutes on them.

George Katz said...

Hi Andy,

Storage isn't becoming an issue yet, as we still have plenty of space in the workshops under the house. But I know exactly what you mean about them being like tenpins. hee hee :)

One good way to store bottles or spliced pairs of bottles is to use the caps and screw them to a board thread side up. Just screw the bottles into the caps and they won't go running away. You can also pick up the whole board and move them without them tumbling everywhere. Attach the board to the ceiling and you can keep the bottles out of the way.

Glad to hear you have a few launches under your belt now. They only get bigger and faster from here. :)

- George