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Sunday, April 15, 2007

CD Nozzle Tests

We tested two CD nozzles this weekend. There were 12 tests in all:
  • 3 tests with 7 mm straight through nozzle
  • 3 tests with 7 mm CD nozzle
  • 3 tests with 9 mm straight through
  • 3 tests with 9 mm CD nozzle
Since it takes a bit of work to translate the video frames (around 6000 in total) into a spreadsheet it will take some time to do that. Once we have the data in a usable format we will publish it again.

We went through almost a liter of bubble bath solution, but collected the water during the tests so it just didn't go onto the lawn.

We think this will be it with the static tests for a while, as we are keen to get back to real flying.

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Anonymous said...

Great work.