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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our First Splicing tests

We had our first go at splicing yesterday. We used the symetrical splicing method first to see how well it will work. We used PL Premium glue kindly donated by Team Parental Advisory.

The symmetrical splicing method is described here:

We need to leave it for a few days to dry and then we will pressure test it. The collar was made by heat shrinking a section of a larger bottle over another cold water filled bottle. It was a little warped, but should be okay. Doing it this way gives you a really tight fit over the bottles to be spliced.

We will probably make up sections like this and then join them neck to neck so that the number of splices is minimised. The 22mm throat is big enough that any choking effects are negligible within the rocket. The sections being screwed together also means you can replace a section should it burst or get damaged.

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