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Monday, June 04, 2007

Tachyon Sustainer Development

This week we concentrated on the Tachyon sustainer. We need to have it built so we can see how it mates to the booster and add the necessary supports. We had our first attempt at gluing the fins directly to the bottle, but found out that PL Premium does not stick to the plastic the fins were made out of. (The glue held great to the PET bottle.) So we connected the fins in a more conventional mechanical manner. The new fin arrangement is removable and does not require to be glued or taped to the bottle.

We also completed the deploy mechanism utilising V1.3.1 of the flight computer. (V1.3.1 includes a software upgrade to drive RC servo motors directly and bypasses the DC motor driver part of the circuit). We are trying a hinged door mechanism for the parachute bay to see how well it works. We wanted to get a more streamlined recovery system compared to the Polaron III rocket. The computer/servo and parachute bay are removable from the rocket skin for easier servicing.

We really need to only manufacture one more aluminium coupling for the inter bottle connection, and then the sustainer should be complete.

We hope to test fly it this weekend to test the deployment system and dynamic stability.

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