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Monday, December 10, 2007

Fire and Water

We had a great launch day event yesterday. We met up with a couple of pyro guys from the Australian Rocketry forum and the weather at the new launch site co-operated as well. We did a total of five flights (all with on-board video) and they too launched a number of theirs. We also did a combined effort and strapped our video camera to the side of one of their rockets. It's interesting to see how similar the view is from both types of rockets, especially when using foam in the water rocket.

I was fascinated to see their pyro rockets close up, and the preparations needed to get them going. The pyro rockets sure are a lot less messy. Ultimately the same parameters apply to both disciplines in terms of drag, stability, thrust etc.

The new George Kendall Reserve launch site was also very good. There were only a few people about and the clearance range is greater compared to our usual launch site. Being only about 35 minute drive from home is not bad. It's definitely a place to test the next stage of development.

Over the next few days I will do a full web update with photos and videos again.


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