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Friday, January 18, 2008

Holidays over

Having been OS for the last 3 weeks the holidays are over, and we are back in full time production of the Polaron IV launcher and rocket. We are concentrating our efforts on this in order to get it done as soon as possible. During the holidays dad machined up a lot of the necessary components for the launcher, and now we are pretty much ready to start assembling it all together. Dad also did a bit of work around the workshop putting up some new shelves and fixing a few things making it easier to do development.

The Polaron IV rocket will also be fitted with one of the new FlyCamOne cameras as well as the altimeter. I am weighing up whether to build the next version of the flight computer for this rocket or just use one of the existing ones. I may use V1.3.1 in the first few trials and then upgrade when the next version is finished.

This weekend looks like weather is not going to play ball so workshop time is in order. Hopefully we can get most of the launcher done.

This launcher is intended to take us up to the next level in rocket pressure and size. We eventually intend to be launching reinforced rockets from this launcher and hence it is being designed to handle 35bar (500psi) operational pressure. It will support both single nozzle rockets as well as rockets with 3 boosters. The booster nozzles can slide in and out allowing us to used different sized boosters and main stage.

I'll take some pictures over the weekend of the launcher and post them here or on the main site.

PL Premium Glue

We still have a number of tubes of 10oz (300ml) PL Premium glue available so if anyone in Australia is interested please let us know. Just email me: at
The tubes are AUD$8 each + shipping from Sydney. Standard postage rates apply. You can check the Australian Post office website for shipping charges.


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