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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Launcher Completed

We spent most of the day in the workshop again today. We are really pushing hard to get Polaron IV and its launcher ready for the next NSWRA launch day. It is only 6 days away.

We did finish the launcher today, which I am really happy about. It now sports a single 2m launch rail. The rocket will use launch lugs to hold onto the rail. We had to switch to this system since there really isn't room for the 3 guide rails we have been using. We ended up using 2 of the feet and guide rails from our medium launcher to support the new launch rail which really reduced the amount of stuff we had to make. The legs are still usable on the other launcher so the nice part is we have less hardware to carry with us when we take both launchers.

We are now finishing off the rocket and the booster retaining mechanisms on the rocket, and then it should be ready to fly. If there is a nice launch opportunity between now and Saturday we may try the boosters with the dummy main stage at our local park.

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