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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Launcher Details in 3D

We spent this weekend documenting our Polaron IV launcher and rocket. We've produced an explanation video of how the launcher works as it is much easier to explain the configuration.

The details are available here:

The update also includes a number of anaglyphs of various parts that you can view in 3D using regular red-blue 3D glasses.

Click on the image to enlarge.
You will need red-blue 3D glasses to see this image properly

Also a quick update on flight computer V1.5 - We received our first PCB this week so we are keen to solder it up and see how it performs. If no changes are required we will get another 9 PCBs made so that we will have total of 10 flight computers ready to go for the up coming experiments.

The new flight software is also progressing and should be finished within the next couple of weeks. Once the flight computer has had a successful couple of test flights, we will publish the full design again, including the PCB layout.


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