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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Flight Computer V1.5

The full construction details of V1.5 are now available here:

Features include:

  • Dual RC servo motor control
  • 7-segment LED display indicating status information
  • Built in launch detect G-switch
  • External launch detect / burnout / negative-G trigger input
  • Buzzer for indicating status and helping to locate lost rocket in tall bushes
  • EEPROM used to store settings while power is turned off
  • 15 configurable control parameters
  • Altimeter/auxiliary power connector

The update includes a short video of the operation, as well as circuit diagrams and PCB layout.
We've got 10 boards done now and are in the process of populating 5 of them with components. We'll be switching all our rockets to these over the coming weeks as we put this version through various trials.


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