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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baryon II and Variable Nozzle

We have finished doing the flight log update for the last launch day at Doonside. The primary goal for us was to test the Mk2 staging mechanism with a bigger booster and sustainer.

Details of the new booster and sustainer are also included in the update.

We have also been working on a technique to expel extra foam from the rocket in flight and came across a way to make a simple variable diameter nozzle. The details of the concept and a video of how it works is included in the above update.

There is lots of testing that needs to be done on the nozzle, and different materials to try so it looks like we might need to set up our old test stand again.



Anonymous said...

Im not to sure that the swimming cap will hold up to repeated launches. Though it does depend on what kind of cap it is, latex or silicone. Because i swim a fair bit, i have found that the thicker latex caps hold out for alot longer than the others. And try to go for mono-coloured caps. Multi coloured caps fail along the colour joints

George Katz said...

Thanks for the info on swimming caps Avachovy :)I'll have to look into the latex ones. It may turn out that the swimming cap material is too soft for higher pressures and we might have to switch to using thicker rubber like from bicycle inner tubes.

PS. I have your G-switch from Bones, do you want me to send it to you? I can just put it in an envelope and send it.