This blog covers the day to day progress of water rocket development by the Air Command Water Rockets team. It is also a facility for people to provide feedback and ask questions.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Progress update

We've posted an update on main site that describes some of the things we have been working on lately. At the moment we are trying to get two big rockets (Polaron VIb and Polaron VII) completed by the NSWRA launch event next week, as well as the FTC rocket. Currently they are still in pieces, but should be assembled in the next few days.

The update is here:


Anonymous said...

Where you can get Correx for the fins, in a hardware store?


George Katz said...

Hi Marc,

Just look for old signs made of Correx that people don't need anymore. You can usually get them for free.

Thilo said...

Where can you get the microcontroler for the v1.5 flight computer

George Katz said...

Hi Thilo,

The PIC16F628A micro-controller is available from most larger electronics stores. If you would like the firmware please send me an email, and I will post it to you.

- George