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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little bit of pyro

We bought our 10 year old son a bigger pyro rocket for his birthday this year. He wanted something a little bigger than the Thunderbee he has flown several times on a 1/2A3. We bought him the Praetor from Suburban Rocketry.

Slowly over the last few weeks he actually built most of it himself, with a little help to get things lined up from dad. He did learn quite a bit about how a pyro rocket gets put together and the different materials and construction techniques needed compared to water rockets. He also learned quite a bit about the painting and extensive sanding process. It was just as much interesting for me to see how pyro rockets are put together. He chose the following colour scheme and spray painted it also mostly himself:

We had some decals from old model planes so we put those on to give the rocket a bit more character. We're hoping to launch it this upcoming NSWRA launch event on a C6-5.


rstaff said...

Strong the dark side is. :)

Sascha Grant said...

Excellent! That looks really good :)

LOL @ Dick's comment ;)

Daniel Veira said...

Hi George, say congratulations to your son for my part :). Actually I got a lot of examinations and homework so I can´t build new rockets.

Good luck with your rockets!