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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A different perspective

We had a good flight day on Sunday at Doonside. Although the wind was fairly strong we managed to get 3 flights in.

The first flight was that of a modified rocket giving us a different perspective of the rocket. We were using the technique to investigate what happens inside the lowest bottle during flight. We mounted the camera on a long boom sticking out the side and looking back at the rocket and nozzle.

The full writeup with pictures and video of the flight is here:

I want to fly this one again, but actually remember to put the food colouring in it this time for better contrast enhancement. The fins also need to be painted a darker colour to work better with the camera's auto-iris.


Sparthir Kiwiwarrior said...

Great work on the camera!

Would it lighten the load to use a zoomed camera in the body and a mirror on the arms?

George Katz said...

Hi Sparthir,

The mirror option is a possibility, but the problem is that you can't easily change the focal length of the camera. In order to get the same field of view you would need to have a decent sized mirror. That would mean more weight, more drag and more opportunity for it to get covered in spray during launch.

You would still need some counterweight on the other side and you would still need to carry the weight of the camera.

The only downside of having the camera out on the arm is that it is more prone to damage when it lands on the ground.