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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 83 Update

I've posted the flight day report from Doonside on our main website here:

It includes a highlights video and photos from the day as well.

I've also updated the flight day report with findings from last night when I was pulling the rockets apart to give them a clean. (see the Update section) It turns out we had some heat distortion issues that we didn't know about on the day. The Polaron VII rocket also flew with a missing o-ring in one of the Tornado couplings!



Anonymous said...

Hi Georg,

unfortunately i can`t open the new video, because "youtube" says, it is not available here in Germany anymore, because of some problems with Sony Music Entertainment.Is it possible that you upload a revised version of the video?


George Katz said...

Hi Sebastian,

It appears that Germany is the only country the video was blocked in. I'll see if I can upload the video to vimeo, though it may have similar issues.

George Katz said...

The video has now been uploaded to Vimeo here:

Anonymous said...


Thanks Georg.