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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doonside Launch - certification

It was a good flight weekend this week. As we are mid way through preparing the next water rocket for flight, and the launch weather looked iffy for Doonside, I decided to only bring the new pyro rocket "Waterless" (a LOC/Precision Weasel) with me as well as Paul's "Pod 2" rocket.

I had been wanting to fly the new rocket for a couple of months but didn't have a motor for it. I finally flew it on an E15-4W and it was a good flight. The delay seemed on the long side and the parachute opened a little late, but it was a good recovery and the rocket landed without damage. The flight was my mid-power certification flight so I was happy. I can buy up to G motors now. :)

We have had a couple of small water rocket launches at our local park since the last main website update as we are testing a staging mechanism, but have had a couple of failures, so after a couple of modifications we are ready to try it again. If the design proves successful, I'll post full construction details.


rstaff said...

Congrats, George. Time to stuff a G in that Weasel!

George Katz said...

Thanks Dick, :) ... that dark side just sucks you right in eh? :)