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Sunday, August 01, 2010

More Mk3. Stager test flights

This morning we had good weather and so we took the Mk3 stager test rockets to the local park. It was a little bit breezy but we decided to launch anyway. The stager had 3 out of 3 successful flights again which was good. We did get one of the sustainers stuck in a tree, and had to come back later in the day to retrieve it.

I am currently putting together 3 videos about the stager. One is a highlights video of the test flights from the last two months, and the other two are a 2-part tutorial on how to build it. We're also writing up a construction tutorial for the website with photos. It's a lot of writing/editing to do, so I expect it will take at least a week to get it all put together. We also need to use some spare time to prepare more rockets for next week's Doonside launch.



Raido said...

Good work Air Command Rockets team!
As I am planning to build a stager too, I am happy that you are making a tutorial on how to build it.
Keep up the good work
Raido from Estonia

George Katz said...

Hi Raido,

Thanks for the comment. We are putting together the tutorial at the moment, so it will still be a few more days before it is ready.

- George