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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Polaron G2 - Development continues

I've updated our main site with some of the progress that has been made on getting G2 assembled. It's good to be able to see it in actual size rather than just on paper. It made me realize that we are going to need to rethink some of our logistics in terms of getting the rocket setup on the pad and configured. We are going to need to bring a full size ladder. The update is here:

I had to take photos of the rocket lying down, as the ceilings are too low in the house to stand it up. We are going to need an extra long guide rail for this rocket too. Most likely 2.5 - 3m long.

The update also includes a highlights video from the last weekend's NSWRA launch where we tested the Mk3 stager with a more powerful booster. The flights went really well, and the stager performed as expected.

Here is a size comparison diagram for the Polaron G2 rocket. 

 Here it is starting to take shape lying next to Polaron G1.


dan b said...

Hey George that new rocket looks epic cant believe the size of it!!! what launch pressure will you use? cant wait for the video keep up the good work

Dan B

George Katz said...

Thanks Dan,

Yup, the rocket will be quite long, we are going to need a longer guide rail for it. :)

We are planning to launch it initially at 250psi (17.2 bar), though later flights this may increase a little. In phase 1 we'll use a 16mm nozzle.

There is still lots of work to do though before it flies.