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Monday, October 18, 2010

Nosecone, Testing and more fiberglassing

This weekend we pressure tested two of the spliced quads to 270psi. They both held well, and should be good to go for the 250psi launch pressure. I was a little concerned that they may stretch too much because of their length and leak, but there seems to be enough flex in the glue to cope with it.

We also made another couple of spliced quads which are now curing. This now gives us 5 of the spliced-quads which (if they all pass the pressure tests) will be used for the Phase 1 of the Polaron G2 rocket. 3 of the segments will be coupled together with tornado tubes and a couple as spares.

We have also started making a plug for the fiberglass nosecone. The plug is made from 10 layers of 19mm MDF. Each layer was individually machined to shape and then glued together. We have opted for the efficient ellipltical nosecone, as our rockets travel well below the speed of sound.The nosecone is 110mm wide.


Here is the nosecone plug before final sanding

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