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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Polaron G2 - Recovery System

I've posted more details of the G2 recovery system on our main website here:

We didn't get it quite finished for testing at last weekend's NSWRA launch, but hopefully it should be ready for testing on the next launch. So far it is working well on the table. It will need to get painted next. The update also includes a highlights video from this weekend's launch showing both pyro and water rockets.


Unknown said...

It's looking good George, it's certain looking very robust ready for the high forces :). Cant wait to see the finished article.


dan b said...

very nice indeed george over here in the UK i have found a juice bottle that is a replica shape of your nose cone!!! i prefer your nosecone tho keep up the good work cant wait to see the whole rocket in action hope you can break the 1000ft mark!!!

Dan B