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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Servo Timer II test flights

This weekend we went down to the local park to start the Servo Timer II trial flights. We flew a total of 7 flights with the timer and thankfully all worked well. Two of the flights included the uMAD for triggering the timer at apogee.

The full launch report along with a highlights video is here:

We are now preparing larger rockets to continue the tests. We would like to do an additional 10-15 more flights before starting a production run of the timers. Yesterday I was going to do some tests with one of the timers, and noticed that I had left the power switch ON, and completely drained the battery over the last few days. So this morning I updated the firmware to flash the LED briefly every 5 seconds to remind me to turn the power off.


MariusD said...

Hi George,
From what I saw, I think that you didn't want to change the G switch with a bigger value (e.g. 5G). How did you filter it? Probably reading consecutive values -on- (e.g. 50-100ms) and see if they are still on for 3-4 readings.
You must give some details for new ejection system. Probably you must tweak it a little because it is influencing rocket drag with that gap. At least for G2.

George Katz said...

Hi Marius,

We need the 2G g-switch because some of the foam flights have fairly slow takeoffs at around 3G so we need to be able to detect those. The filter is simply a counter that counts up when the G-switch is activated, and counts down to zero when open. If the counter goes over a threshold then a launch is detected. So far the trigger threshold seems to be working fairly well. It samples the G-switch at around 10Khz.

I'll post details of the new G2 deployment mechanism once it is tested.