This blog covers the day to day progress of water rocket development by the Air Command Water Rockets team. It is also a facility for people to provide feedback and ask questions.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Quick update

I've done a quick update on the main site from the last test flight launch day:

The last couple of weeks have been really busy with the timers so not a whole lot of new rocket development has been happening. We want to thank everyone for their support on the timers. We ran out of stock from the initial run a lot sooner than we thought, but new parts were ordered over the weekend so hopefully they should start arriving shortly, and the timers will be available again soon after that. Some of the components come from the US and some from the UK.


dan b said...

im liking the new video George especially the slow foam launches have you made any progress with the booster flights with polaron g series? cant wait to see that.

George Katz said...

Thanks Dan, We are hoping to start focusing on the G2 again now that we have caught up on some of the unfinished projects. We need to redesign the launcher release mechanism as there will be a lot more force on it now with the boosters. We are still hoping to just use a single attachment point, but it is unlikely to be a Gardena fitting. I will post more info when we have actual hardware done, as the design changes from day to day.