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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Shadow

Rocket build progress has been continuing at a good pace. We currently have a number of concurrent builds under way. These include the Acceleron V high pressure sustainer upgrade, the Polaron G2 phase 2 booster development and our newest project called "The Shadow".

We have actually been working on The Shadow for a number of months, but hadn't published details about it yet, though we have been taking pictures and keeping a build log of the rocket development. We have now uploaded the build log to our website so you too can follow along with the development. So far it's been an interesting project to work on and has consumed perhaps 60% of our build time.

The project now has its own build page rather than scattering bits of information about it in the various flight log updates. We'll keep the page updated as we go and post the flight reports in the regular updates.


rockets-in-brighton said...

Really interesting project, George. I doubt I would try to do this myself but thank you for publishing the details so I can follow along.

Tom Mihelich said...

Looking good George.
Looks like someone is going for the Altitude record to me. ;)

George Katz said...

Thanks Steve, and good to hear from you. :) It's a learning exercise for us as well. I'm sure there will be plenty of failures along the way. It's a very different set of challenges when dealing with higher pressures, and higher acceleration forces.


Thanks Tom. :) How is the Delta project coming along? I know you were going to use CF sleeves for your booster tubes. Did you ever get around to doing any tests with them? We're finding that rolling the tubes from cloth is quite easy.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks amazing George its always fun keeping up with you.

Kyle Gossett

Unknown said...

Hey George,

The project looks fantastic :) I will be keeping an eye out for more updates on it for sure. Also i agree it looks like someone is going for the altitude record or at least as close as possible :)


Vicente Garcia M Junior said...

George Friend,

I imagine that when the projects are paralyzed that you show up with more news, this is very good. As for the new project "The Shadow" is really very promising. I have noticed that the PET bottles sold are becoming less resistant, and this problem is for enthusiasts of water rockets. I wish success to the new project.

Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

The Shadow is saved to Favouriates.

George Katz said...

Thanks Kyle, Doug and Vicente. :) We are mostly just exploring new construction techniques with this rocket and seeing how things behave under higher pressures and acceleration loads. Currently it's probably on the heavier side than what it can be, but the construction techniques will be the same.

RdeT said...

I love your new project. It looks fantastic! You've got quite some work cut out for you getting those plugs right.
I'm very eager to see how things develop (also with your newest "classic" rockets). I really enjoy your frequent and detailed build and flight logs. There hasn't been a week in the last two years without me visiting your website. Too bad there's a 16.000km distance between here (Germany) and your place. I'd sure love to come by for a launch day.


George Katz said...

Thanks for your support Robert. :) We did some more pressure testing on the end plugs today with good results on the test tube. I'll put an update on the Shadow's page tonight.

We also had our regular launch day today, so I'll do the normal flight day update as well in the coming days.

If you are ever in Sydney you're more than welcome to come along to any of the launches. :)

Jimmy Porter said...
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Jimmy Porter said...

hi i'm jimmy for the U.S., i've always been fascinated by your rockets and have used quite a few of your ideas. I am a machinist by profession, when making your caps on the lathe, you said the came out distored because of the chuck, try using a long piece of materiel and use a livecenter and turn you whole pice out and then take your live center out and cut your piece off while it is still chucked and in the process it leaves you a very clean cut piece with no distortion.

Jimmy Porter said...

this picture sums it up very well, i would suggest though to pull your live center out before cutting, try it if you have the tools, if not you could probably get away without a live center

George Katz said...

Hi Jimmy, Thanks for the tips. We actually do something very similar with the live center on the lathe.

The distortion was caused by the chuck jaws squeezing the PVC pipe, so you ended up with three minor depressions. We've since made a wooden mandrel that fits snugly inside the pipe and allows us to grip the pipe without distorting it.