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Monday, October 03, 2011

Shadow progress update

We've been busy this week making good progress on The Shadow. We now have a new set of fin guides that will be used to align the fins. We made a new coupler mandrel and have made a number of fiberglass couplers for joining tubes. We also started working on the business end of the rocket today and machined the nozzle and the nozzle seat it will sit on. We are having to build a completely new launcher for this rocket to handle the higher pressures.

Updates from the last several days are here:

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Nozzle seat and nozzle

 Fin guides to align fins


Vicente Garcia M Junior said...

It's getting exciting, is forecast to date of the first flight? I'll wait.

George Katz said...

Hi Vicente,

No schedule yet for a launch, but at least weeks if not months before the first flight. There is still lots of work to do, but progress has been good so far. Launch will depend on weather and also the launch window that we only have every 2 weeks.

Vicente Garcia M Junior said...

Dear friend George

There is already a forecast for the final weight of the "Shadow"?

George Katz said...

Vicente we don't quite know how much it will weigh, as we don't have the final components made yet. I'll post more info on the weight as we get closer to completion. But we are carefully looking to minimize weight for all components.

Harry Gocher said...

Im loving the construction on this Rocket.