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Friday, April 13, 2012

Polaron G2 Flight Report

I've finished with this week's flight report and put it on our main website as usual here:
The report includes a highlights video of the Polaron G2 flight as well as photos. The heavily overcast conditions meant that a lot of the colour in both video and photos was a little washed out.

The rocket flew well, but lower than what simulations predicted. We were happy that both the main and the backup parachutes opened when they were supposed to. :)


Unknown said...

Hey George,

Shame about the windy and overcast day, still a great write up and pictures all the same :)

Hosepipe ban, we have a bit of a water shortage at the moment so we are not allowed to use water other than for the necessaries. It's a good time for me to really make a start on updating a few bits and pieces :)

Regards Doug

George Katz said...

I thought that using water for water rockets was one of those life's necessities. ;)

A couple of years ago we had similar restrictions, but this summer has been very wet and so the dams are full again.

Definitely a good time to do development when you can't launch either due to weather or other restrictions. What do you have planned for your next rockets?

Unknown said...

Well not many plans on the rockets themselves but I still need to update the launcher to take the 15mm release head as well as a 9mm.

The connector you sent? does that company make one that is for the same diameter hosepipe but with a 9mm clip?

I have also been getting back into making parts for the traction engine which I will update soon :)

Hows things with the shadow going?

Regards Doug

George Katz said...

Doug, I don't think they make that specific connector, but you may be able to use a pair of intermediate adaptors like this:

I assume you want to be able to easily swap the release heads on the launcher.

I'm looking forward to the updates on the traction engine, I've been wondering how that was coming along. :)

The Shadow is going good, I have been doing repairs recently, and will post progress updates again soon.

Unknown said...

Just read your Sydney Obv. post nice launch and highlights as always :)

Picture 2 (holding a rocket): Cookies!! Cookies you say? :P