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Monday, June 18, 2012

ARB Test flights

Last week we did an experiment to compare how a launcher fitted with Air Reservoir Boosters (ARBs) performs vs. one without them. We had to build a new launcher for this experiment so that we could fit the ARBs to a full bore launch tube. The launcher is based on the Clark cable-tie release mechanism. We also worked on an improved splice that is lighter and has more volume than the ones we have been using. We still use the Asymetric #5 technique, but with a narrower sleeve and less overlap. We did 9 test flights for the experiment plus one more for the new splice. Thankfully they all came back safely and no repairs are needed.

The full write up of the experiment and splice info is here:

New Launcher fitted with two 2L ARBs.


Unknown said...

Hey George,

Great write-up to read as always :)

A first for you guys there then using the full bottles bore instead of a nozzle :)

Based on your write-up will you be considering using ARB's for The Shadow at some point?

Regards Doug

George Katz said...

Hi Doug,

Yes, that would be the eventual aim to fit ARBs to the Shadow launcher. We were infact going to do this inirially, but didn't really know what kind of benefit if any they would provide. We'll do more ARB tests with skinny rockets to see if the performance improves. We'll need to create special ARBs for the high pressures and ones with large hole diameters. Pumping them up to high pressures along with the rocket is going to take a lot of air. :)