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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chase and Boom cams

We had a good launch this weekend at Doonside. We only flew a couple of small water rockets, but wanted to get a couple of different camera angles for the flights. The first one was the classic chase cam with two rockets launched following each other with the first filming back towards the second.

The second was boom cam with a high speed camera attached to one end of a boom which was pivoted at the other end. The camera points back towards the pivot point.

Both shots turned out fairly well.

The full flight report with videos is here:


Unknown said...

Hi George,

Some nice shots from the chase cam.
I think the boom cam would give awesome videos if you can get incorporated in the launcher and let it spin continiously.

George Katz said...

Thanks. :) I agree the boom cam needs to be going around faster. We need to make the central pivot with a hole and then have the whole boom move around on a ball race.