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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Fairing Construction Tutorial

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's been quite a while since the last blog entry, so we thought we'd get this year started with a simple tutorial on how to make fairings that fit between bottles joined with tornado tubes. The step-by-step tutorial including video is here:

We haven't been sitting too idle (well maybe a little) during the holidays, but we have a few new projects to present this year. There are some new and some big rockets being worked on. We'll do running build logs for these again like we did for the Shadow, which makes it easier to follow progress. There are some new experiments to be flown in the MicroLab and some high pressure static tests to be done that we hope will show some interesting results.

We are planning to launch the Shadow II again on the first available opportunity this year which is Jan 26th (weather permitting). We will attempt to launch it at a higher pressure than last time.

We wish everyone all the best for the new year and good luck with your projects!


Reptiglorand said...

Nice way to start this year with a simple tutorial George!

lucrockets said...

Happy new year aircommandteam.
Nice tutorial for starting 2013 full of great projects.
I,m already looking forward to see all those big rockets.

George Katz said...

Thanks Randy and Lucrockets. Happy new year to you too and good luck on your projects this year as well. :)