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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shadow II CATO, Good Inverter flight

I've put together the most recent flight report of the last launch day.

We only had two launches on the day. The Shadow II had fun scattering itself around the launch pad, but it's unusual CATO was interesting to see and has given us some more insight into possible failure modes of high pressure water rockets. It also drives home how much energy is inside these rockets and why it's important to remain at safe distances at all times. The report goes into some detail about what we think happened.

The Inverter rocket behaved itself this time and had a great flight. The flight report contains lots more photos and two videos from the day.


Reptiglorand said...

That was a very good flight with the Inverter! Sorry to see all the carnage with the Shadow though, Mabey the Shadow 3 will get lost in space!

George Katz said...

Thanks Randy, I would think lost in a tree more likely than in space. :)