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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Axion G2 flights

A few photos from this weekend's launch of the Axion G2 rocket with the lower half of the Polaron G2 boosters. This configuration represents only about half of the final Polaron G2 capacity.

 Ready for launch

Boost phase - This rocket was launched at full pressure.

Near apogee shot from sustainer. 
The cars (in the lower center left of image next to the rocket) were at the launch site. 

I'm still working on full flight report and highlights video from the launch weekend.


Jamie B said...

Hello Air Command,

Looks very impressive, definitely the pinnacle of present Water Rocketry. Hope you get out all the work you put in! Fiberglassing all those bottles must have taken a while!

Jamie B

George Katz said...

Thanks Jamie, we've been working on this one for a while, and you are right the fiberglassing does take a bit of time. We have all the bottles fiberglassed now that we need for the big Polaron G2 rocket.
Now that we have access to a great launch site with lots of clearance we can have a go at full scale attempts. I suspect it will still take a few launches to get everything working properly. Good fun though. :)