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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2 Stage successful flights

The full details of the 2 stage rocket are now available here:

There are lots of photos and a video as well showing the day's highlights. The in-flight video turned out quite well.



Jecks said...

Congratulations on your success!
A suggestion for you re the onboard camera. I have used an STLad eDVR on my rockets. It is a USB flashstick with onboard camera. Gives 5min of QVGA video.
I recently purchased a few more here in NZ from:
only $45 NZ
It's a bit slow to turn on and off, and auto-shutdown is a bit quick, but with 5min of video this is not much of an issue.
I am in the process of developing my V2 flight controller, which includes an interface to turn the camera on/off (as well as record altitude data and deploy the cute etc).
Lower Hutt, New Zealand

George Katz said...

Hi Clayton,

Thanks for the comment. That is a great reference for the onboard camera. I think for that price I might get one and try it out. It looks nice and compact. Certainly 5 minutes is reasonable length of time for onboard video.

What processor is your V2 flight controller based on? It makes a lot of sense to have the flight computer control the camera. It is just one less thing to worry about during the launch sequence. How does your V2 get its altitude data?

Jecks said...

Hi George,
It uses an AVR [I have emailed you some time ago about my V1 controller - it didn't work so well in the end ;-( ]
I use the MPX4115 (i think) pressure sensor for the altitude, and oversample it to get the resolution required. The controller stores the readings, and these can be extracted using a PDA (IrDA interface).
The eventual goal is to automate the lauch sequence, with a ground controller talking to the rocket controller. I have an electric pump to pressurise the rocket, and air value and plunger to operate the release. If I ever get it sorted I'll put up some pictures.