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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quiet week

We've had a quiet week this week, with dad in Europe and I've been busy fixing gutters and do ing paving, there wasn't a lot of time for rockets this week.

I did pressure test the two untested spliced pairs of bottles up to 115psi, and they both held well. We are reluctant to push them too far so that we don't have to rebuild them.

I also pressure tested the Hyperon rocket again to 130psi. And again it held up well to the pressure. I had disassembled a part of it during the week and needed to make sure it still sealed well.

I have finally received the CR123A Lithium batteries I bought on eBay this week. At $1.38 including delivery is pretty inexpensive. I tested them with the new flight computers and they work well. I was surprised that they are relatively light for their size. Since I don't have a battery holder for them, nor could I find one at the local electronics store, I have resorted to simply taping the contacts on with electrical tape. I realise this is less than desirable, but it seems to be holding well, so we will go with it for now.


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