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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick update

We've been progressing this week with the Polaron IV upgrade. The booster parachute deployment mechanisms are now finished on all three boosters.

I made an extra reinforced bottle for the main stage, but after gluing and heat shrinking I noticed that the coupling was sitting at a bit of an angle. This would have resulted in bent rocket, so I tried to straighten it, but instead of improving it, I managed to break the coupling. :( So I threw that bottle away and had to make up another one. The whole process takes about an hour to reinforce the bottle. We are waiting for the glue to cure before we do a full pressure test.

We've reserved Friday for a full pressure test of the new main stage and new boosters as well. If the weather is favourable we'd like to fly it on Saturday.

We also did some experiments this week in creating foam in a bucket by blowing air through a sintered metal filter into the bubble bath solution. The tiny holes help make foam more readily. We want to try generating foam on the pad to see how it compares with it generated in the air. The main observation was that if the air flowed too fast then the bubbles would re-combine into larger ones, but a slower rate created more smaller bubbles.

There have been some really good discussions on the Yahoo Water Rocket forum this week regarding internal temperatures. It may help to explain why we have had some unexpected failures of the bigger boosters under test. I'll cover this in more detail in the next web update.

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