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Monday, April 07, 2008

Tornado Couplings

This weekend we finally managed to produce a number of good Tornado couplings. Tornado couplings connect bottles neck to neck. These one's are easy to make out of gardening supplies from the local hardware store.

Some features:
  • They have a 15mm hole
  • Weigh 13 grams
  • Require no glue
  • Have been tested to 130psi, but can most likely hold more.
  • Require no special tools
  • All plastic construction - no metal.
We have been wanting to make these cost effectively for a while now since we plan on using lots of them to join the spliced pairs of bottles. We will give full construction details in future updates on the main site. We want to put them to use first on the Polaron IV boosters to extend their capacity by another bottle each.

We are also currently working on another staging mechanism design that will be hopefully a lot lighter than the one we have been using on our two stage rocket. Since we are still in the early stages of development, we will describe the design later, once it is more finalised. We have lots of testing and prototyping to do still.

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