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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Open Day, G-switch, Acceleron V

We've update our main website with the latest development progress on a number of fronts.

I've spent most of last night doing final work on the FTC rocket to get everything well secured. The rocket has also had another pressure test to 180 psi without any visible issues. Phil had a good suggestion to re-string the nosecone so that the parachute is attached to the nosecone and the nosecone is attached to the rocket. In this way more tangles can be avoided. I've also been a bit concerned at the forced on the top of the rocket where the parachute is attached. The main worry is that a high speed deploy could separate the payload section from the rest of the rocket. I've now threaded another kevlar line through the full length of the payload bay that is attached firmly to the pressure chamber end cap and the other end is looped through the main parachute line. Should the parachute rip off the payload bay, it should all remain connected to the rocket.

We are hoping for nice weather this weekend so we can go flying.

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