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Monday, November 03, 2008

NSWRA Open Day

NSWRA is having an open day this month on the 22nd November at Toongabbie East Primary School. We will have a water rocket stand there along with the pyro guys. If you are interested in any form of rocketry why not come along? See the flyer below for details:
We are going to be busy over the next few weeks to get the rockets ready for the open day. We want to bring the Polaron rocket with the drop away boosters, the new bigger Acceleron booster, and the new FTC rocket with us. We'll also bring along some of the other smaller rockets.

We have had a bit of a break from water rocket development this last month due to other family commitments, but are now back and should be updating the main site and blog more frequently.

I've also been continuing work on the next iteration of the flight computer (V1.6). The software has had a bit of a revamp to make it easier for the rocketeer. I'm also in the process of laying out a new smaller double sided PCB for it. We've located a local PCB manufacturer with very reasonable rates for the boards so we will likely have around 20 of them made, most of which will go up for sale assembled as was with V1.5. I've switched from using an old version of Protel for the schematic and PCB layout to Eagle which is much more advanced and certainly has some very neat features. Luckily the PCB manufacturer can take the Eagle files directly which greatly simplifies the process.

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