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Monday, July 27, 2009

Acceleron Vb CATO

We just had a fun weekend at Doonside. The weather was perfect for launching and so we set up Acceleron Vb with all the modifications for the next test flight. About 10 seconds from launch the booster exploded on the pad. It was quite an impressive boom to say the least. One of the spliced bottles came apart. Although quite a few pieces came off, surprisingly there was little damage caused to the booster and sustainer. Repairs are already under way to get it ready again for the next flight.

We got good high speed footage of the explosion (over the years we have learned to keep the camera rolling while pressurising). Photos and video will be posted on the main website soon.

Other than that we ended up flying Axion V three times with foam and all the flights went really well with good onboard video and altimeter data. We were a little dissapointed that Acceleron V did not get to fly (as a cohesive unit :) ) this time, but at least the repair bill will be under $5.


CRASH said...

Keep up the good work Air Command.

My Kids and I are based in Wollongong, and have been working on our Rocket Prgram for nearly two months now. We have moved onto slpicing (supserseeding robinson), made a copy of your side delploy parachute,and building 1.1 flight computer. Hope we can get to doonside one day when we have something worthy. All the Best. Team CRASH

George Katz said...

Hi Team CRASH,

Wollongong is just a stone's throw away. :) Sounds like you are having fun building water rockets as well.

It'd be great if you come to Doonside to fly a rocket or two. We need more water rocketeers there! :) You are more than welcome to use any of our launch gear or bottled air there so you don't have to lug it with you.

Do you have a web presence with your rockets?