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Monday, July 20, 2009

Modifications Update

During the week we've continued to make the necessary modifications to the Acceleron V rocket.

The new nozzles are now finished and internally polished for better efficiency. The new nozzle seats and fill tubes are completed also. The new pressure switch is about half completed. Depending on how tests go with it this week we may need to use the old Acceleron pressure switch as a back up.

We still need to do pressure tests on the sustainer (today) as it has many new bottles. We will also do additional pressure tests on the new nozzle seats and nozzles.

We made a new fin alignment jig last week that is fully adjustable allowing fins of any dimension to be aligned with the rocket axis while they are glued in place. As a result the sustainer now has 3 new larger fins well aligned. The surface area of the fins is about 3x larger than the previous set.

We are now doing the final preparation for the next launch day coming up this week. The weather outlook for the next few days looks good, so we are hoping that will extend into the weekend.



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Daniel Veira said...

Good luck with this launch!!!