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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quick Launcher and on-board HD video

We tested the new launcher this weekend with a couple of small rockets at the local park. It is very easy to setup and pack up again. Transportation is a lot easier as well. I've posted an update on our main site with details on how it works, as well as a video showing how it's set up and used.

The update is available here:

The Quick Launcher in it's packed up configuration.

We also test flew our first HD camera on a rocket. For the $40 we paid for it, it produces pretty nice quality video and it's lightweight. The above update includes a couple of videos from the camera, though it's lower quality because YouTube re-compresses it.

 Panorama constructed from 3 images from the HD camera.


dan b said...

Hey George
That new quick launcher looks amazing very nice design indeed im thinking of converting my launch rail to have legs makes setting up look so quick and easy hope the air command team are fit and well keep up the good work
kind regards Dan B

George Katz said...

Thanks Dan,

The new launcher is working well, and certainly has a few advantages over our older one. Though we are now having to fit all our rockets with rail buttons. The legs on the launcher are made from stainless steel fishing hand spears. They are very stiff and telescope to make them easy to adjust.

MariusD said...

Hi George,
Great launcher, indeed! It resolved many problems. Not only the size and deployment time, but also the problems in case of an explosion, like G2.
You used the same double "U" aluminum channels like in day 56?
Now I am looking for G2 flight ! :)

George Katz said...

Thanks Marius,

You are right, this launcher uses the same launch rail that we used in day56. It's been sitting lonely in the corner, so now it's happy it's getting used again. :)

The G2 is now fully repaired and assembled and awaiting launch. It's also been fitted with the rail buttons for the new launcher. We are hoping for good weather this weekend, but rain is predicted. :(

Todd said...

HI George,

Your dad certainly does some amazing work. That launcher looks great :)

George Katz said...

Thanks Todd,

Dad had it done in just two days. Retirement is a wonderful thing. :)

Unknown said...

Hey George,

Love the new launcher :) It's making me have second thoughts about the design of mine :P

Regards Doug