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Friday, May 06, 2011

Servo Timer II - boards

We received the PCBs for the Servo Timer II from the manufacturer yesterday. We decided to use PCBCart this time around as they were well recommended and our experience with them so far has also been very positive.

I soldered up a couple of the timers yesterday to check that I didn't stuff up on the board, but luckily the circuit powered up first go. We are going to continue more flight testing with these in the coming weeks. I'm just in the process of ordering the components for them in bulk quantities, but it will still be some time before they will be available. 


jkdenham said...


That is alot of flight hardware. They look good!

Jeremy - DY Water Rockets

Larry Song said...

That's quite lot of it. So when the servo timer II circuit will be shown out?

George Katz said...

Thanks Jeremy. The rate at which we destroy hardware we are almost going to need half of them for our own rockets. :)

@Larry: We are still not sure. Progress has been a lot slower than we would have liked. But progress is being made, and we even managed to fly the new board today. We would like to do a few more flights with the hardware to see how it behaves in the real world.