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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Looking Up

I've uploaded the flight report from last weekend to our main website here:
On this flight day we flew with the out-rigger boom again but this time looking up at the rocket to watch the parachute deploy mechanism in action. The update also contains photos and a highlights video from the day.


Unknown said...

Hey George,

I like the idea of being able to see the whole rocket up close during the flight.

Fantastic log and footage as always :) Shame about another swan-necked rocket.

I have had to put all my progress on hold again due to a motorcycle accident i have had :( main concern is repairing the bike atm.

Regards Doug :)

George Katz said...

Thanks Doug, :) Yes, those self-folding rockets can be a tad tricky to put back in the car.

Oooh sorry to hear about the accident :(, I hope you're OK. How bad was the damage to the bike?

- George

Unknown said...

Hey George,

The bike unfortunately is a write-off, however only an economic write-off, so I am able to get all the parts cheaply from a broker's and have money left over to customise it or spend on something else.

Survived with only a scrape and a few bruises the leathers did there job.

Regards Doug