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Friday, January 27, 2012

Launch postponed

The NSWRA launch has been cancelled for this weekend due to the continued slightly damp conditions. This means we need to postpone the launch of the Shadow again until the next launch window opportunity. NSWRA is having a "show-and-tell" day instead which should be fun since we normally don't get a chance to talk to people at length during a regular launch day.

The extra time should give us an opportunity to do a little more testing before the launch.


Anonymous said...

Shame, I was looking forward to that!

Michael Kelley said...

come out to Arizona,we have perfect weather today!actualy we have plenty of mild weather.
good luck on your next try!

George Katz said...

@Sam ... we were too. :)

@Mike Could you please pack up some of that Arizona weather and ship it this way? :) We've had way too many rainy days. Next attempt is scheduled for the 12th Feb.

Jan said...

Hi George,

They're giving perfect weather for a launch.
Everything ready?
I'm looking forward to see The Shadow

George Katz said...

Hi Jan,

It's been raining here on and off all week, and today doesn't look much better. I'm hoping the sun will come out tomorrow. :)