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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shadow Flights

We had a good day at the club launch today. :) The conditions were ideal with very little wind and blue skies. It was a relief to get such good conditions for the first test flights especially after the weeks of rain. Here are a couple of photos from today:

2nd Flight @ 360psi (Photo: Chris Barnes)

Apogee photo from flight 1

We will put together a launch report again over the next few days.


Michael Kelley said...

i'ts 1:am in arizona,and i couldnt be happier for you guys!
GREAT job!
i cant wait for launch videos!
again congradulations.
Mike in AZ

Artemi said...
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Artemi said...

Congratulations! Great job! I'm very happy for you. I cannot wait for the report.
I don't know parameters of the rocket, but based only on the photos and 360 psi pressure I make a altitude prediction of 300...330 meters. :)

Tom Mihelich said...

Fantastic Job!
I know a great deal of hard work went into planning and construction of this craft.
You are to be congratulated.

Rodrigo said...

Finaly it flew!
I can´t wait to see the report and the videos!

Sergey Ivanov said...

congratulations from Russia, George!
I am looking forward to the start and that's true!
i cant wait for launch videos))))

lucrockets said...

Hi George congratulations with the flight of the shadow. On the pictures, it seems to be a good launch and certainly a height of more than 300 meters. I'm already looking forward to see the video. TEAMLUCROCKETS

Bournerockets said...

Holy Cow!!!!
(need i say any more?)
Well done George, that is the most awesome rocket I've ever seen

George Katz said...

Thanks very much for the kind words guys :) We were glad to finally get the rocket off the ground, it's been way too long since we started the build. I'm just putting all the photos, video and data together from the flights. We did beat our personal best altitude though on flight 1 and again on flight 2. :)

Luciano said...

Bien George!!! Felicitaciones para su equipo, esas fotos se ven bárbaras, he estado siguiendo día a día para verlas, la espera fue eterna, estoy ansioso de ver los videos, hurra!!!!

Vicente Garcia M Junior said...

For two photos I believe that many uncertainties no longer exist. Congratulations to all staff. I will await the report of the day.

Vicente Garcia M Junior said...
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Jan said...

Congratulations! I'm waiting for some extra data and photos.

Ruben said...

Wow! Can't wait for the report George! Congrats on a successful launch!

High Power Rocketry said...


Unknown said...

Hey George,

Just from the picture The Shadow looks incredibly impressive, looking forward to the footage and full update.

Regards Doug

Anonymous said...

Good fellows! Very graceful design. We wait for results and rocket characteristics.
Congratulations from Russia, Moscow.

George Katz said...

Thank you again everyone. :) I've uploaded the launch report details to the main website tonight.

Anthony Collucci said...

Hi George,

Congratulations from Brazil!!!

Very fine rocket and photos!!!

I'm waiting for you report.

George Katz said...

Thanks Anthony. :) The flight report from the day is available here: