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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FTC Payload

I've been quite busy this last week with non-rocket related things but have continued the steady progress on the FTC payload section in my spare time.

All the components are now fitted inside the payload section, but more work is still needed to secure things a bit better for the expected G forces of around 70G. The entire payload section shown above currently weighs 118 grams and includes the complete deployment system with servo motor, parachute, flight computer, altimeter and batteries. The flight computer is V1.5 on a 25mm wide PCB to fit into the T-8 tube.

The complete deployment system is only made from items found around the house. The full details will be given in the next main website update along with a video of how it works.

We will be picking up some kevlar line for the parachute on Saturday which should make things a little lighter and stronger.

It's been fun trying to fit everything into such a small space. For deploying the same size parachute as we have been using on our smaller rockets the entire deployment system is about 25% lighter than our existing ones and has a lot less drag.


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